Career & Internship Fair

Southern Vermont College will host Career & Internship Fair for graduated students Every Year. The Fair will be an ideal opportunity for those seeking employment, career information, internship possibilities, and more. This free event is open to the general public, students from other area colleges, and current students and alumni from Southern Vermont College.

SVC Planning for the Future

Southern Vermont College (SVC) Team presented a five-year strategic plan to launch the private, Liberal Arts College’s vision and goals for future planning.
The strategic plan focuses on several key initiatives including enhancing enrollment management and fundraising, offering select personalized academic programs grounded in the liberal arts, providing compelling co-curricular programs and promoting student success. “Southern Vermont College will be a(n) . . . intentionally small institution providing a challenging and supportive learning environment for students from a wide range of cultural, economic and educational backgrounds. By embracing diversity, engaging the local community, and taking advantage of its unique natural and geographic setting, SVC will further enhance its existing strengths while seeking opportunities for new programs and initiatives that will broaden and enrich the student experiences it provides.”
For more information on the environmental sciences major or other SVC initiatives, contact Office of Admission at (802) 216 -0515 or